Core Values

The Woonsocket Public Schools Core Values that serve as the foundation for continued planning are offered below:

Student Achievement:  The Woonsocket Education Department has high expectations for students to achieve their potential to become self-reliant learners and productive, responsible citizens, understanding that students reach this goal at different rates and in different ways.

Personal Growth:  The Woonsocket Education Department believes that students should be given opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically and to exhibit self-initiative and responsibility in order to be respectful, contributing members of our community and society.

Partnerships/ Collaborations:  The Woonsocket Education Department is committed to providing a quality education for our children through diverse opportunities and as a shared responsibility fostered by partnerships among schools, families, businesses and the community at large.

School Climate:  The schools in the Woonsocket Education Department provide a safe, creative learning environment in which respect for all and appreciation for individual and cultural differences promotes positive attitudes and shared pride in our schools and community.

Resources:  The Woonsocket Education Department believes all decisions should be made in the best interests of students, recognizing responsible funding that supports academic excellence, appropriate facilities and quality materials and instruction while welcoming individual differences.