Parent Advisory Council

Parent Advisory Council

We would like to introduce the new Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The goal of the council is to have one central committee made up of two parents from each school in the Woonsocket district. Principals and school committee members will also be in attendance. Parent delegates are still needed to represent the Fairmount area schools. Alternate members are also needed to attend meetings when delegates are unable. Please contact your school principal or PTO chairperson if you want to be on the committee. Meetings are held once a month during our organization period. Then we will meet once every three months.

The Parent Advisory Council's purpose is to communicate ideas that will affect all schools and families and to present suggestions to the administration so that actions can be taken. For example, this summer parents wanted a 6th grade orientation day before the start of school (like the one they have at the high school). The idea was given to the superintendent and the orientation was held before school started in September.

We hope that this committee will be able to help everyone in all the schools communicate better with each other. We hope that our ideas will help make our schools better for the children. Please help your child at home and volunteer at school. All parents/guardians are valuable resources to our community.

  Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

 Denise Auclair, Cindy Stepanian


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